Super Powder SP-244 $65.00

Think the most sought-after blend of hair is found on the heads of Hollywood starlets? Think again. It’s woven into my amazingly soft, appealingly overstuffed brush that’s tailor-made for dusting off excess finishing powder. A Chrysalis-only hair blend. HOW-TO TIP: First, apply your powder. Then, use the Super Powder Brush to remove any excess, buff the skin and tickle your cheeks in the process. (Everybody looks better when they’re laughing, after all.)  

Super Blush SB-344  $45.00

The caress of this precision blush tool is as soft as a lover’s touch – and, I should warn you, highly likely to encourage your lover to touch your face as well. A Chrysalis-only hair blend. HOW-TO TIP: After completing your make-up application, stand in front of the mirror. Now, take a step back and add a soft bronzer to the outer edges of your face. This will create a halo effect that makes your face – as it should be – a focal point so divine that it will turn angels green with envy.

Concealer C-444  $25.00

This Taklon brush is cut with your most delicate and precise applications in mind. How sharp is it? Let me put it to you this way: There’s scarcely a secret it can’t help you keep. HOW-TO TIP: Always apply concealer in soft, thin layers – it’s better to go back and add more than to have to try to remove product. Moreover, going from light to heavy will afford you a more natural look. (No one wants to look like they’ve worked at looking gorgeous, right?)
Flat Eyeliner – Brow  $22.00 If you’ve got it – and especially if what you’ve got is this eye-popping Flat Eyeliner/Brow Brush – you won’t even have to flaunt it; people will know! Use my must-have tool to apply eyeliner to the lashline and color to the eyebrow so perfectly that your friends will think you had your make-up done by…well, me! (I won’t tell if you don’t.) HOW-TO TIP: While applying eyeliner, dip the brush into the liner color, and then softly press the uk best replica watches brush into the lashline until your line is complete. As for the brow, remember to work from the top, softly filling in the color, which will give you  the appearance of a wider, more open eye. Also, take care to taper off the color and shape as you get to the outer edge for a flattering, face-softening effect. Trust me, if “the eyes have it” and yours don’t, they will by the time you’ve thrown this brush back into your kit.
Eyeshadow ES-644LF (LARGE FLUFF)  $25.00 How will you love the chiseled cut of my Large Fluff Brush? Let me count the ways. 1) It’s ideal for the easy picking up of color, 2) for precise make-up application, it can’t be beat, and 3) if you don’t blend like an expert, you’ll still look like you do. A Chrysalis-only hair blend. HOW-TO TIP: If you have a few of these on hand to use for lighter and darker shades, they won’t get mixed, and you won’t end up with a muddy application. Because really, “muddy” is never a description you want applied to your make-up.
Eyeshadow ES-645SF (SMALL FLUFF)  $25.00 You know all that stuff I just told you about my Large Fluff Brush? Well, the same is true of my Small Fluff Brush, only it’s even better at fine-tuning and handling the sharp contours of your face. A Chrysalis-only hair blend. HOW-TO TIP: Just like with the Large Fluff Brush, with the Small Fluff Brush, it’s “the more, the prettier,” because your light and dark shades will never get mixed.
Eyeshadow ES-646SM  $22.00 I might be able to live without my Smudger Brush, but I definitely can’t work without. It fits anywhere you need to apply a soft smudge or a shadow liner without losing control. OK, I take it back: I couldn’t live without it. Who am I kidding? HOW-TO TIP: Use this brush rolex replica watches to apply a softer liner around the eye using eyeshadow. Or use it with darker shades for a smoky-eye effect.

Crease Brush CR-744  $25.00

The theme song of my Crease Brush could be “Filling Me Softly (With This Brush”), because thanks to its precision cut, it does exactly what its name says it does: It gently fills any creases on your face. A Chrysalis-only hair blend. HOW-TO TIP: While looking straight into a mirror, place the brush on the bone just above the crease. Then, slowly move the brush back and forth, adding color and warming up the eye. Voila! People will be saying, “Jeepers, creepers, where’d ya get those peepers?!” Feel free to send them my way.
Lip Brush LB-844  $25.00 After designing this Covered Lipstick Brush, I won’t use any other one – it’s that good. “Why is that?” you ask. First of all, it’s the perfect shape to line as well as fill in the lips. Second, the cover fits snugly on the bottom of lip brush to elongate the handle for comfort and ease of use. And third, would I lie to you? To brush with this baby is to brush with greatness. HOW-TO TIP: Before heading out, whether to lunch with the girls or dinner with him, put a little extra lipstick on the brush and close the cap. That way, whether you replica watches uk run into the paparazzi or a pair of lips you just have to kiss, you’re ready for a quick touch-up at a moment’s notice.

The Chrysalis Brush Roll BR1000BR  $29.00

My signature brush roll was created to carry your Chrysalis brush collection, with a few extra pockets for some of our future additions. Go ahead and say it: “You’ve thought of everything!”
The Chrysalis Set CS-144  $275.00 After creating this set of professional make-up brushes for you, I thought to myself, “Well, now my clients are truly the women who have everything.” Except for one thing: something to keep all replica rolex their tools in! So we created a beautiful signature brush roll, which is included with the set. Pink Feather Beaded Handmade Bridal Headpiece with Combs Hair Accessory  

Book Two faced autographed  $24.95

Book Description An exclusive make-up artist reveals the beauty tricks of today’s favorite soap stars in this guide to beauty—inside and out. In addition to enough make-up tips to prepare any woman for every conceivable situation, there are intimate one-on-one conversations with some of today’s hottest soap opera actresses, including Judi Evans, Crystal Hunt, Eva La Rue, Amelia Marshall, and Hillary B. Smith. Practical, funny and entertaining, this book provides readers with tinseltown tales as they learn more about their favorite stars from such shows as All My Children, Days of Our Lives, Guiding Light, and Passions.  
Author Description
Timothy Alan is one of the nation’s leading make-up artists and for the past 20 years has worked with celebrities including Alec Baldwin, Sarah Michelle Geller, Melissa Joan Hart and Arnold Schwarzenegger. He’s currently on tour with the Super Nanny/ABC (Jo Frost).  
Product Details
Hardcover: 160 pages Publisher: Benbella Books (November 1, 2005) Language: English ISBN: 1932100423 Product Dimensions: 8.3 x 10.3 x 0.7 inches  
“Simply put, Timothy Alan is the Monet of make-up; each face is his canvas, each photo his masterpiece. Had he been born at another time, his works of art would have been hung in museums instead of published in magazines.” —Michael Ausiello, TV Guide